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Stop Bite Collar

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The patented product StopBite™ was created  and designed by its owner. Corlex  is a Chicago-based company that has developed a patented protective  pet collar that is unique in the pet product market in both form and function. 

 The patented collar is designed to prevent a cat or dog from biting stitches  following surgery, an eczema wound, a rash, a bandage hot spot or various injuries.


The idea for this patented product originated after the  owners own dog underwent ACL surgery.  The  dog was provided with a number of other post surgical collars which proved to  be both ineffective and dangerous.  The  dog ended up back in the hospital after biting around the collar and ultimately  biting his staples.

Thus, the Patented StopBite™ Protective Pet Collar was born.


Why would I use Stopbite and not the E collar?           

Stopbite allows your pet to not only  have peripheral vision but also allows them to eat, sleep, play and smell  whereas the e-collar restricts them from doing all of these.

When putting the collar on my pet, how tight  should I make it?   

DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE COLLAR. Tighten the collar so that it allows  approximately one finger width of space between your pet’s neck and the collar. 


Do not choke your pet.  

Remember to always check with your Veterinarian before you use the collar. 

Do I need to use both the Velcro and the  buckles when securing the collar?

Yes:  Both the Velcro and buckles reduce the risk of  your pet removing the collar.

What is the purpose of the extra strap?

The purpose of the extra strap is for extra security so your pet will not be able to get the collar off.                By using the strap properly, your pet will be unable to remove the collar.

How does the strap work?

The strap works by taking it over the  right shoulder of your pet, bringing it down around                           underneath your pet’s belly  and up around the left shoulder in order to buckle together on top.

Why  are there holes in the middle of the collar?                     

There are holes in the middle of the  collar to allow your pet’s skin and fur to breath.

What is the hook for on top of the collar?                      

To allow you easy access for hooking your leash on to your pet without having

to fuss with your dog/cat’s own personal collar.




THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  This product is the  absolute best.

My 76 lb standard goldendoodle had surgery which resulted  in sutures on her head and her side.  The standard "lampshade"  collar was prohibiting her from sleeping comfortably as well as drinking or  eating.  She would constantly whimper whenever it was on her.   Upon taking it off, she would instantly try to scratch and lick the sutures  so I had to keep it on as much as possible.  She was depressed,  lacking sleep and refused to eat or go to the bathroom if the plastic  collar was on her.

                        It was going to be a long two weeks until I found the  StopBite collar.  Within minutes of putting the StopBite on her, she was  trying to play!  She promptly ate, drank, went for several walks and took  a much needed nap - all while wearing the collar.  I never needed to  remove it and she doesn't seem to mind it being on.  It prohibits her from  licking her side wound and she hasn't been able to scratch her head due to the  buckles being in the way.  This is a product that was long overdue.   I have already told several people in the short hours that we have had  it.


                        - Lisa Gruchot


I am happy to report that we are having great  success with the stop bite collars.  As I write this Logan, a service dog  in training is laying quietly beside me not CHEWING or LICKING his wound. The  vet sent him home with the traditional e-collar and as we all know he was a  walking mess- bumping into walls, couches and of course us! We immediately put  the STOP BITE Collar on him and he has been content ever since. Thank you for  sharing your wonderful product with us!!!

Megan  Cloudman New  Horizons Service Dogs www.newhorizonsservicedogs.org


The StopBite collar allows Jax  the freedom to chew on his Nyla-Bone and play with his favorite squeaky  toys.

                        Hi Nancy,

                        I am writing to tell you about my experience with my dog  guide Jax and the StopBite collar.

                            As you know, he has a condition called a prolapsed  urethra which has caused him to have 3 surgeries and several other procedures  since December 14, 2010.  I am happy to report that since his most recent  surgery on January 24, he has had no recurrence or bleeding.  I have my  fingers crossed that all will be well with him. 

                            Jax had a post-op check-up the other day, and the vets at  the Animal Medical Center are happy with his progress.  I brought the  StopBite collar that you so generously sent to me, and asked them to please  check it to determine if they thought Jax would be able to reach his surgical  site.  They reported back that it appears he cannot reach the site, which  is a great relief to me since he wears it while I am at work and school, and  very often at home.  The StopBite collar allows him to play with his  favorite toys, chew his Nyla-bone and sit on my lap comfortably … It enhances  his quality of life, as well as mine.

                            Today,Jax refused to get into the Elizabethan collar, but  allowed me to put on his StopBite collar without hesitation.     It appears that Jax will have to wear a  collar for an  extended period of time in order to ensure his surgical site  has ample  time to heal.  Because of your generosity, I can bring Jax everywhere I  need to go without sacrificing his comfort or my safety.  Thank you again!


                        Christina Buckley and Jax


Just fyi, to close the loop, the  package arrived on Saturday morning, Feb. 5.  Barrett has worn your  Stop-Bite collar since that day with great success.  It was so easy to put  on him and has never bothered him like his initial large plastic  E-collar.  He seemed so happy to be able to use his doggie door again!

                        I have attached photos in case  you are interested or want to add some to your website or whatever.  We  took him on our boat the Sunday before Valentine’s Day (weather had warmed up  and was beautiful!), thus the reason for the title of the pics.

                        His wounds are finally healed  over, got final staples removed from his side last week and now not even a scab  remains.  Even though your collar prevented him from bothering the wound,  it turns out he may always have an indentation of 2-3 inches where the new skin  tissue regenerated; I’m sure if he had been able to get at the wound we would  still be on the treatment/dressing merry-go-round with more possibilities of  infection, additional vet bills, etc.  or us being very frustrated due to  cleaning up after his elimination accidents in the house because we could not  be at home to let him out all day with him wearing an E-collar.  We have  been assured that once some of his hair grows back over that area most scarring  shouldn’t be very visible (although, sadly, some follicles have been damaged to  the point of not being able to generate new hair growth).  When we pet him  we will feel the scar and be reminded of his bravery in this whole ordeal and  how your Collar helped make things easier for all J.   We plan on keeping the Collar in his supply cabinet, just in case it comes in  handy in the future, for him or a friend’s pet.

                        I’m sure your Collars will help  many other dogs in similar circumstances.



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